The Senate reconvened on Monday, January 22 and met for four days last week.
The first 10 legislative days of the 2018 session have come and gone, meaning that a fourth of our time has passed.

I expect we will continue to pick up the pace in the coming weeks as we move closer to Crossover Day and Sine Die, both of which have been officially scheduled in the adjournment resolution introduced this week.

Under the new adjournment resolution, we will reconvene on Monday, January 29 for Day 11. Day 28, Crossover Day, will be Wednesday, February 28 and Day 40, when we adjourn Sine Die, will be Thursday, March 29.

We welcomed several special guests to the Senate, including Josh Reddick, World Series champion with the Houston Astros. We were also lucky enough to be joined by many members of the Georgia National Guard as we celebrated National Guard Day at the Capitol. It’s always great to be able to recognize and honor the men and women who give so much of their time and talents to preserve our freedom.

The Senate also recognized members of the DeKalb Fire and Rescue Department who put their lives on the line to save citizens of Georgia each and every day. It is always humbling to have such special guests in the chamber.

Honoring the Republic of Korea on Upcoming 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Sen. P.K. Martin IV (R – Lawrenceville) sponsored Senate Resolution 589 recognizing and congratulating the Republic of Korea on hosting the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. This year, athletes from 94 countries will be competing in more than 100 events in PyeongChang, South Korea. The Senate welcomed several distinguished guests, including the Consul General, Young-jun Kim, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Atlanta. SR 589 also recognizes the close relation between our two democratic nations and wishes the Republic of Korea the best in hosting the upcoming games.

Senate Celebrates Spectrum Autism Support Group
Senate Resolution 597, sponsored by Sen. Renee Unterman (R – Buford), celebrates the Spectrum Autism Support Group’s 20th anniversary. This organization provides monthly support groups and a camp for families with members in the autism community.

Medical Examiner Requirements Revised
Senate Bill 327, sponsored by Sen. John Albers (R – Roswell), would modernize the definition of when an autopsy is required. It eliminates the requirement for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Medical Examiner’s Office or other medical examiners to perform a formal inquiry when a person dies, who has not been under the care of a physician, if there is nothing suspicious in determining the cause of death. This legislation does clarify that the coroner has the right to use discretion to perform an inquiry or request services from the GBI medical examiner if he or she deems it necessary. SB 327 passed by a vote of 55-0.

Senate Honors Project Mail Call
Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (R – Marietta) sponsored Senate Resolution 582 recognizing Project Mail Call. Project Mail Call began in 2005 with the purpose of sending customized care packages to American troops overseas. The project focuses on sending mail to soldiers with unique needs, those in remote locations, who may not receive mail and those providing humanitarian aid. Since the project’s inception in 2005, there have been more than 38,000 volunteers, and mail has been sent to more than 50 countries.

Health Information Technology Professionals Recognized
Senate Resolution 604, sponsored by Sen. Bruce Thompson (R – White) and presented by Sen. Lee Anderson (R – Grovetown), commends healthcare Information Technology (IT) professionals throughout the state. In Georgia, there are more than 200 healthcare IT companies employing more than 30,000 professionals. Healthcare IT professionals work to prevent identity theft and keep the integrity of patient’s information confidential.

National Guard Day at the Capitol
Sen. Ben Watson (R – Savannah) sponsored Senate Resolution 609, which recognizes the National Guard for its service to the citizens of Georgia. The Georgia National Guard assists in search and rescue operations sets up and runs mobile hospitals and provides aid and relief efforts during hurricane season. The Georgia Air National Guard has remained deployed since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

DeKalb County First Responders Commended
Senate Resolution 623, sponsored by Sen. John Albers (R – Roswell), commends Captain Scott Stroup and the DeKalb Fire and Rescue Department for their heroic actions, which saved more than 100 people. On January 3, 2018, Captain Stroup caught a young girl after her father dropped her out of a third-floor window from a burning apartment building.

The Senate is back in session today and we have another busy week ahead of us as the pace of the session continues to pick up.

I hope you will take the opportunity to review my weekly updates to stay informed on legislative matters that affect our district and state.

I am always eager to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Steve Henson



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