Steve Henson brings years of experience in vocational education and has worked with many schools in the district to better understand their needs.

  • Steve supported legislation to reform the Zell Miller Scholarship program to make it accessible to students throughout out Georgia.
  • Steve supported legislation to help fund higher teacher salaries and after-school programs. Steve supported SB 243, to provide transparency and prevent abuses in the Student Scholarship Organization system.
  • Steve will continue to work to reduce student/teacher ratios and promote excellence in our schools.
  • In 2018, Senator Steve Henson was successful in passing SB 331 that would allow state lottery winners to remain anonymous by submitting a written request.  The Georgia Lottery funds the HOPE scholarship program.
  • Steve supported HB 372, which passed into law in 2013, to expand access to the HOPE Grant for technical schools.
  • Steve works closely with schools to help increase parental involvement to make sure they get the support they deserve.
  • Steve has been endorsed by the Georgia Association of Educators.
  • Steve led the fight to increase funding for HBCU programs that teach engineering.
  • Steve called for full funding of the Quality Basic Education (QBE) formula, which the Governor funded in 2018.
  • Steve supports the Community Schools model, which addresses failing schools.

Environment & Transportation

Sen. Steve Henson has been a consistent advocate for environmental protection and efficient and accessible transportation improvements.

  • Steve sponsored legislation requiring state agencies to use recycled products when feasible.
  • Steve sponsored legislation to require the existing Motor Fuel Tax be used for purposes other than just roads, such as bicycle paths, sidewalks, and other transportation alternatives.
  • Steve co-sponsored legislation increasing penalties for littering.
  • Steve supports legislation to assist commercial and agricultural water users to more efficiently utilize water and decrease use.
  • Steve supports more stringent enforcement of laws that will protect our rivers and streams.
  • Steve works closely with community leaders and Dept. of Transportation to address local transportation issues and concerns.
  • Steve Henson has been endorsed by Georgia Conservation Voters.
  • Steve Henson was successful in expanding access for minority-owned businesses in transportation contracts.

Crime & Drugs

While in the Senate, Steve Henson fought to speed up our criminal justice system and to make it more effective, efficient and fair.

  • He was a strong supporter of the Juvenile Justice reform package (HB 242) that created a fairer juvenile justice system and help prevent at-risk youth from becoming repeat offenders.
  • Steve supported measures to fight fraud and abuse of our elderly.
  • He helped to restore funding for domestic violence investigation and prosecution.
  • Steve Henson supports addressing the root cause of drug abuse through prevention, counseling, and education. He recognizes the effectiveness of organized recreation programs in combating drugs among our young people and will work to expand programs in the district.


Steve Henson has heard from many of the citizens about the need to improve healthcare coverage.

  • He has been working tirelessly to bring federal Medicaid funding to Georgia so that 650,000 uninsured Georgians will gain access to affordable healthcare.
  • Steve supports the creation of larger insurance networks to help bring down the cost of health insurance.
  • Steve is fighting to make prescription drugs more affordable.
  • Steve Henson co-authored legislation to create a lactation station for new mothers at the State Capitol.

Budget & the Economy

Steve Henson knows that in tight budget years we must set our budget priorities carefully.

  • Steve has fought to keep education and health care at the top of Georgia’s priority list. Healthy Georgians and educational opportunities will help to expand our state’s economy.
  • Steve has been a leader on legislation that would bring greater transparency and accountability to government so that Georgians can easily see how our tax dollars are being spent.
  • Steve supported the passage of H.B. 1775 to bring more jobs to Georgia and improve state revenue without raising taxes.
  • Steve sponsored legislation to prevent outsourcing state jobs to foreign countries.


Steve Henson has always been a leader in strong ethics legislation.

  • He supported legislation to improve enforcement of ethics laws by creating an independent Ethics Commission that is not subject to retribution from the Governor or General Assembly.
  • He co-sponsored legislation to prevent gerrymandering in voting districts by creating an independent redistricting commission.
  • He co-sponsored legislation to limit the size of campaign contributions for legislative and state offices. He co-sponsored legislation to restrict gifts to elected officials.
  • Steve supports a new law prohibiting legislators from becoming paid lobbyists for a two-year period after leaving office.

Economic Development & Jobs

Steve Henson’s job as a vocational trainer has made him a leader in the Senate in helping to prepare people for jobs.

  • Steve supported the Youth Apprentice Program.
  • Steve supported the South DeKalb Incubator program.
  • Steve Henson believes, “We must seek to revitalize our communities, such as the Memorial Drive Corridor, and offer better training and support for adults who are looking for work.”